Stages of Quality Management System development

The quality management system of NKSU named M. Kozybayev is a management subsystem aimed at ensuring and improving the quality of educational services. Quality management includes the definition of the quality objectives, the requirements to the quality of educational services, the creation of confidence among consumers in the safety and quality of education, improving the quality requirements of training.

The system is a structured set of documents governing the main aspects of the university. Designed in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 quality management system includes several built-in mechanisms of self-improvement: internal audit, management review, customer feedback, etc. All these in total are combined to increase the effectiveness of planning, resource efficiency, create a synergistic effect in the achievement the main objectives of the University, providing a timely update and improvement of its activity.

Rector of NKSU named after M. Kozybayev Ashimov U.B. in 2004 initiated the project of developing and implementing a quality management system.

Quality management service was organized in February 2004 in order to improve the effectiveness of the quality in the university. The post of Deputy Dean of Science and Quality Management was included in the structure of faculties, which allows to coordinate the work of departments and faculties.

In July 2005, the quality management system of NKSU named after M. Kozybayev was certified to meet the requirements of IS (International Standard) ISO 9001 version 2000. According to the results of certification our university received a certificate of Russian Register with the logo of Dutch Accreditation Council on Accreditation (Raad voor Accreditatie, RvA), which is recognized by the European Union, and the certificate of the International Certification Network IQNet.

Each year, the management system has a major test for the confirmation of conformity certificates. External experts of the Russian Register annually celebrate improvement of the University activities in all fields. In the history of the NKSU named after M. Kozybayev QMS (Quality Management Systems) development there are following stages: 

February 2004 Establishment of quality management center
December 2004  Diagnostic audit of Kazakhstan quality organization
April 2005 Signing of the first edition of Policy and Objectives in the sphere of quality
May 2005 Order about QMS implementation
July 2005 QMS certification in "Russian Register"
February 2006 QMS surveillance audit
February 2007 QMS surveillance audit
August 2007 Participation in the competition for the prize of the RK President "For achievements in quality"
February 2008 Recertification audit of QMS
April 2008 Adoption of the University Mission, implementation of the strategic planning
February 2009 Endorsement of the Strategic Development Plan of the University for 2009-2014
April 2009 Recertification of QMS for compliance with the new version of ISO 9001:2008, extension of quality management system certification sphere
March 2010 Institutional accreditation for quality standards NAC MES RK
April 2010 QMS surveillance audit
April 2011 Recertification audit of QMS
September 2011 Participation in the competition for the prize of the RK President "Altyn Sapa"
April 2012 QMS surveillance audit
March 2013 QMS surveillance audit 
April 2014

Recertification audit of QMS

May 2014 Institutional accreditation, national accreditation of 34 educational programs 
October 2014 International accreditation of 3 educational programs 
April 2015  QMS surveillance audit
June 2015 National accreditation of 19 educational programs, international accreditation of 5 educational programs 
April 2016  QMS surveillance audit
September 2016 Establishment of a quality management department Strategy, quality and internationalization department
September 2017 Recertification audit of QMS for compliance with the new version of ISO 9001:2015