The Scientific library

NKZU Library complex, which is technically equipped and comfortable on readers service organization, includes:

  • Unique book fund of all knowledge areas: 1132849 items, including 136924 items in Kazakh
  • The collection of rare and valuable books: 5221 items
  • Electronic catalogue
  • Educational and scientific electronic resources
  • New computers with the access to Internet resources for readers


    In 2015, the Library received 10765 copies (0.95%), including Kazakh 4820 copies. The most valuable part of the library is a collection of rare and valuable books, which are books published in the 18th century. Traditional educational publications complement the electronic library electronic resources: tutorials, laboratory work, lectures of teachers. Just e-library is constantly updated with new resources created by digitizing publications of the rare books, authors NKZU scan articles published in periodicals.

    Library users have access to full-text publications on scientific and academic areas of the University:

    Thomson Reuters Science Direct Springer Directory of Open Access Repositories
    Directory of open access books
    Directory of open access journals

    Электронно-библиотечная система "Лань" Республиканская межвузовская электронная библиотека Электронная библиотека "ЮРАЙТ" Единая электронная библиотека Казахстанская национальная электронная библиотека Научная электронная библиотека eLIBRARY.RU  

    The service for faculty and students is implemented on 7 delivery desks and 9 reading rooms.

    In the reading rooms readers can use:

  • periodicals
  • reference and encyclopedic issues
  • issues on electronic transcends
  • e-library
  • dissertation and synopsis fund

    A service named “The virtual bibliographical reference” is provided on the library website. The reader can ask a question to the librarian on the subject on the email and receive a qualified answer. The service for users is provided on the basis of NKZU library complex information resources, including references-bibliographic apparatus and Internet resources.

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