Additional semester

An additional semester is held twice a year: during the winter holidays (from January 1, but no later than February 1), during the summer holidays (from June 1, but no later than July 1).

During the period of the additional semester, an opportunity is given on a fee-based basis to eliminate academic debt, academic difference, to re-study additional academic disciplines and master loans to the following categories of students:

  • completed the course program in full, but did not score the established GPA transfer point;
  • scored the established transfer point, but having academic debt or academic difference;
  • those wishing to study additional disciplines for various reasons (including for transfer to another specialty or for admission to the magistracy).

During an additional semester, a student is allowed to liquidate no more than 9 credits.

Students with academic arrears on the state exam “History of Kazakhstan”, re-attend all types of studies in the additional semester, fulfill the requirements of current and midterm control, get admission and pass an exam in the history of Kazakhstan discipline during the state examination commission (winter, summer session )

The cost of 1 loan in an additional semester is approved by order of the rector for each academic year.

In accordance with a certain amount of payment for an additional semester, the student submits an application in the name of the rector with the name of the discipline and the number of credits, pays the cost of training and draws up an agreement for the provision of additional educational services.

The selection of teachers for training in the additional semester is based on personal applications. In this case, it is not allowed to conduct classes by teachers who conducted discipline with the debtor during the theoretical training (fall / spring semester).

Examinations are held over the past three days in the last week of the additional semester after the end of the theoretical course of study and a set of points for midterm control. Retake exams in disciplines studied during the additional semester, is not allowed.