Student self-administration

The student administration of M. Kozybayev North Kazakhstan State University is a permanently functioning and coordinating students’ representative that carries out its activities in order to ensure the realization of the rights of students to participate in the management of the educational process, to address the issues of life of student youth, to support and implement social and socially significant initiatives. The student rectorate conducts its work in the following areas: educational and research activities, cultural and mass work, promotion of a healthy lifestyle and sport.

Goals of Student Self-Government:

  • Assist in addressing issues related to the problems of student education.
  • Promoting the development of the scientific potential of student youth.
  • Improving the image of the university.
  • Promotion of a healthy lifestyle in a student environment.
  • Organization of leisure of students.
  • Development of creative potential of students.
  • Ensuring the active participation of students in the life of the university.

Structure of Sudent’s rectorate

  • Sabitova Ainar is a student rector;
  • Omar Madina is a treasurer of student’s rectorate;
  • Khayrusheva Karina is an executive assistant of the student’s  rectorate;
  • Sabitov Olzhas is a Deputy for educational and research work of students
  • Gabdulina Zhibek is a Deputy for to cultural events;
  • Shaimerdenov Azat is a Deputy for the sport;
  • Kuspanov Azat is a photographer / videographer of the Student’s rectorate;
  • Zhumabay Ayaulym, Baigany Dina are the press-secretaries of the Student’s rectorate;

 Student Dean's Office / Directorate of the Institute;

  • Aitmagombetova Karina is a student’s dean of the ETF;
  • Zhasan Gulnaz is a student’s dean of FIT;
  • Mingulova Arina is a student’s dean of the PF;
  • Makisheva Albina is a student’s dean of the HELF;
  • Petrov Bogdan is a student’s dean of the ILL; 
  • Akhmetzhan Kamila is the student dean of the NASF.

 Chairman of student dormitories:

  • Ramazanova Zhanna is a chairman of student dormitories

The general management of the Student self-administration of the university is provided by the Student Rector.

Student self-administration includes the student rector, the treasurer of student self-government, the secretary-referent of the student's administration, the deputies of the student rector for academic research, cultural events and sports, student deans of faculties / director of the institute, chairmen of dormitories, schoolchildren Active and purposeful guys who have already shown themselves as leaders of their faculties.

The student dean's office of the faculty / directorate of the Institute consists of the dean of faculties / director of the institute, headmen and activists of student groups.

On a regular basis there are meetings of the student's administration where the students are solving urgent problems; the most topical issues are discussed.

Students support the activities of the new organization and participate in its activities. This gives the activists of the student administration the incentive for further fruitful work.


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