Career-oriented work

Address: Petropavl, Zhumabayeva Street, 114, building № 6, the 118th room

Phone number: 8(7152) 493037

Mode: since 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., lunch break – since 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., there is a work without weekends in the period of documents’ reception

The list of bachelor’s degree specialties

The list of master’s degree specialties

The list of higher doctorate specialties

For enrollees who chose the specialty with creative preparation

The list of specialties with creative preparation of M. Kozybayev NKSU 

  • 5В010400 Primary military training
  • 5В010600 Musical education
  • 5В010800 Physical culture and sport
  • 5В042100 Design
  • 5В050400 Journalism
  • 5В090600 Cultural and leisure work
  • For enrollees who chose pedagogical specialties

    The list of pedagogical specialties of M. Kozybayev NKSU :

  • 5В010100 Pre-school teaching and education
  • 5В010200 Pedagogics and methods of primary education 
  • 5В010300 Pedagogics and psychology
  • 5В010500 Defectology
  • 5В010900 Mathematics
  • 5В011000 Physics
  • 5В011100 Computer science
  • 5В011200 Chemistry
  • 5В011300 Biology
  • 5В011400 History
  • 5B011500 Basis of law and economy
  • 5В011600 Geography
  • 5B011700 Kazakh Language and Literature
  • 5B011800 Russian Language and Literature
  • 5B011900 Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages
  • 5B012300 Social pedagogics and self-cognition

  • For school graduates of past years and for college’s graduates

    For enrollees who have less than 50 points on UNT

    For applicant of state educational grant

    The second higher education

    Enrollment to university

    The rules of master’s degree reception

    The rules of higher doctorate reception

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