Visit of the representative of the German company LOGO to M. Kozybayev NKSU

The LOGO social Union was founded by farmers and agricultural engineers in Germany in 1995. Today, this organization carries out semi-annual practice of students of agricultural specialties from all over the world in the German ecological agroformations. Students of AF at the M. Kozybayev have been successfully using this opportunity for 7 years. Interns work in enterprises, get paid, travel a lot, make new friends. At the same time, food and accommodation are free for them, and visa support is also provided. It should be noted that our students are among the top ten foreign students of the CIS every year.

The representative of the company LOGO Christian Gebhart visited our University. He conducted a selection of those who want to go to practice abroad. A total of 10 applicants applied for participation. In addition to professional knowledge, their General erudition in the field of culture and history of Germany, as well as their level of German language proficiency, was checked. By the way, special linguistic courses are held at the University for studying it by students who decide to use the LOGO program for free. Which of the guys will be interviewed and tested, will be known in February, when the final stage of correspondence selection will be held. Last year, there were 9 such people.