Achievements in the field of quality

In 2013, the international rating company QS Word conducted a pilot survey of Kazakhstani HEIs. According to this rating our university was in five best HEIs of Kazakhstan on "Engineering and technology".

In 2015 the university took 131-140 places in the rating of emerging countries of Europe and Central Asia organized by QS company.

For July, 2015 NKSU named after M. Kozybayev tooks 23rd place among universities of Kazakhstan and 9994th place among universities of the world in the international rating Webometrics.

According to the rating of Independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance Agency (IQAA) conducted for development of external independent evaluation of training quality, promotion of educational institutions in the field of education quality assurance, in 2011 NKSU named after M. Kozybayev entered the ten leading multidisciplinary universities, which were announced in the rankings.

In 2011, according to the rating of specialties, conducted by the National Accreditation Centre of MES RK universities, our university took the 2nd place in the specialty 5B011200 "Chemistry" and the 3rd place in the specialty 5B011800 "Russian language and literature".

In 2012, according to the rating of specialties conducted by NAC MES RK among universities, our university took from the 2nd to the 5th places for the following bachelor specialties.

  • 2nd place - 5B011200 Chemistry
  • 2nd place - 5B011800 Russian Language and Literature
  • 4th place - 5B071600 Instrumentation
  • 4th place - 5B080100 Agronomy
  • 5th place - 5B060900 Geography
  • 5th place - 5B071200 Engineering

In 2013, according to the rating of specialties conducted by the Centre of Bologno process and academic mobility of the MES of the RK among universities, our university took places:

  • 3rd place - 5В011500 Basis of law and economy
  • 3rd place - 5В011600 Geography
  • 3rd place - 6M060600 Chemistry
  • 3rd place - 6M060900 Geography
  • 4th place - 6M050400 Journalism
  • 4th place - 6M071900 Radioengineering, electronics and telecommunications
  • 5th place - 5В071600 Instrument making
  • 5th place - 5В060700 Biology
  • 5th place - 6M020500 Filology (Kazakh, Russian)
  • 5th place - 6M060700 Biology

According to the results of specialties' rating conducted by CBPandAM of the Mes of the RK our university took the following places in 2014:

  • 3rd place - 5В060900 Geography
  • 4th place - 5В071600 Instrument making
  • 5th place - 5В050900 Finance
  • 5th place - 5В080700 Wood resources and forestry

It's started rating of universities on a version of Independent agency of accreditation and rating in 2014. According to this rating results NKSU named after M. Kozybayev took 12th place from 20 in the general rating of Kazakhstan universities. The results of rating on specialties (the first three places are presented):

  • 2nd place – 5B012300 Social pedagogics and psychology
  • 2nd place – 5В010400 Primary military training
  • 2nd place – 5В071200 Mechanical engineering
  • 2nd place – 6М011800 Russian language and literature
  • 3rd place – 5В011600 Geography
  • 3rd place – 5В060900 Geography
  • 3rd place – 5В071600 Instrument making
  • 3rd place – 5В080100 Agronomy
  • 3rd place – 5В080700 Wood resources and forestry
  • 3rd place – 5В050400 Journalism
  • 3rd place – 6М011900 Foreign language: два иностранных языка
  • 3rd place – 6М060900 Geography
  • 3rd place – 6М071600 Instrument making

In 2015 the university took the 17th place in the National rating of the best multisectoral universities of Kazakhstan (IQAA).

In 2015 the following specialties of the HEI took places in the rating of Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (IAAR):

  • 1st place – 6М071800 Electrical power engineering
  • 2nd place - 6М071600 Instrument making
  • 3rd place – 5В071800 Electrical power engineering
  • 3rd place - 5В080700 Wood resources and forestry
  • 3rd place - 6М060900 Geography

Also in 2015 the university was in the top 40 of the best universities and took the 30th place in general number of places according to IAAR.

In 2007 and 2011 NKSU named after M. Kozybayev took part in the competition for the prize of RK President "For achievements in quality", the main objective of which is to support and promote the best enterprises that have achieved significant results in quality of products or services, and introduced effective quality management system, according to the requirements of the international quality standard ISO 9001.

The University had a successful completion of institutional and specialized (on 34 programs) accreditation in the Independence National Accreditation Centre of MES of the RK in Spring of 2014.

In 2010 NKSU named after M. Kozybayev signed the Magna Carta of universities in the University of Bologna (Italy), confirming its commitment to the principles of the Bologna process.

In November 2010, the university passed state certification. According to its results, all bachelor specialties have been certified.

Certified quality management system has existed in NKSU named after M.Kozybayev for eight years. It has led to the following important results in the field of quality:

  • stable process of planning and analysis activities;
  • ordering and regulation of core university activities;
  • the availability of internal and external regulations, creating a single register of NKSU normative documents;
  • availability of documentation forms;
  • improved coordination between departments;
  • identifying and securing the university's mission, development of strategic programs in all directions;
  • creating a quality culture, the annual Week of quality with participation of all faculties and departments;
  • effective training of the university to the RK institutional accreditation;
  • all-round development of the system for monitoring the quality of the consumer of educational services;
  • training of the University employees in the field of quality through training seminars and courses;
  • improving performance discipline through implementation in management information system "Сontractor’s Calendar";
  • participation of the University in the national rankings and international QS rankings;
  • creating an information field on the implementation of corporate governance principles, the impact factor of publications and citation index of authors, staff motivation;
  • coordination of activity improvement work on observing ​​safety procedures in high school;
  • creation of academic staff electronic portfolio.

В 2017 году в  Независимом агентстве аккредитации и рейтинга  было аккредитовано 14 образовательных программ вуза.

По итогам рейтинга Независимого агентства аккредитации и рейтинга (НААР)  2017 года специальности вуза заняли следующие места:

  • 2 место - 5В061100 Физика и астрономия
  • 3 место - 5B010100 Дошкольное обучение и воспитание
  • 3 место - 5В060900 География
  • 3 место - 6М071600 Приборостроение

Также по итогам НААР  университет занял 8 место в рейтинге по направлениям подготовки специалистов в категории «Естественные науки».

В 2017 году по результатам рейтинга Независимого Казахстанского агентства обеспечения качества в образовании  (НКАОКО)  вуз занял 15 место.