In the center of Astrophysical Research arranges excursion of near and far space, in which you can learn not only about the structure of our solar system, but also a lot of interesting information about the objects in deep space. Lectures are held in the afternoon with a new digital planetarium, the possibilities of which are large enough. Just there are excursions in the evening, where you can see in real-time by our main telescope apparatus RK-30 facilities are within our solar system and beyond it (the planet, nebulae, stars, galaxies, etc.).

In the planetarium you can hear the information on the following topics:

  • "The structure of the solar system and deep space objects" - where you can find a detailed description of the solar system, objects, attending our system and of course, what happens outside it. Children are also being guided tours on this topic.
  • "The structure and history of the formation of the Moon" - the study examines the history, structure, and physical phenomena, the effect of the moon on the earth, forming, modern space research.
  • "Mars - the planet of mysteries" - look at the ancient assumptions about the planet, building and modern ideas

"The Life and Mind of the Universe" - can know whether the life in space, the first attempt to search for life and intelligence in the solar system and beyond, the projects asking for data search.

Excursion organization

Program and the cost of excursions may be specified by the following coordinates.

Solodovnik Nadezhda Pavlovna

methodologist for guided tours

Petropavlovsk,  Abay str, 18
Теl. +7 (7152) 494042 1060
Home phone. +7 (7152) 410727
Моb. +7 777203-38-98



Planetarium Excuresion in the evening
Number of people Cost for one person, tenge Number of people Cost for one person, tenge
For students and staff
10-14 290 4 800
15-19 190 5 640
20-24 150 6 530
25 120 7 450
    8 400
    9 350
    10 320
The population of the city and region
5-9 680 5-9 780
10-14 340 10 390
15-19 230    
20 170