Scientific and engineering park

Scientific and engineering park was created on the basis of scientific and scientific-research centres and laboratories on January 20, 2014.

The activity of the Scientific and engineering park is directed at the formation of an innovative medium, effectively use of the university's scientific potential to realize projects and create favourable terms for making advanced developments according to the country's scientific and technological development priorities.

Scientific and engineering park consists of 7 educational-scientific centres and 12 scientific-research laboratories.


The main goal of Scientific and Engineering park’s activity is formation of innovative medium, effective using of the university’s scientific potential for projects’ realization and creature of favorable conditions for introduction of perspective developments according to the country’s scientific and technological development priorities.

         For accomplishment of the represented goal Scientific and Engineering park need to decide the following tasks:

  • Development of advanced forms of scientific cooperation with branches of industry which has a goal of cooperative decision of major scientific tasks and expansion of using of university’s developments in production
  • Creature of qualitatively new experimental-industrial basis, organization of intercollegiate territorial and scientific-industrial system in the sphere of science’s service.