6М060400 Physics

Mathematics and natural sciences faculty → Department of physics

Academic degree: Master of Science

Field of professional activity:

  • the field of experimental, theoretical and applied physics and astrophysics and plasma physics, as well as the field of related natural and technical sciences;
  • the field of education, including pedagogy, theory and methodology of teaching physics and astronomy in secondary and higher educational institutions.

Objects of professional activity:

  • research institutes, laboratories, design and design bureaus and firms;
  • state educational organizations and educational enterprises, as well as non-governmental educational organizations;
  • production enterprises and associations

Types of professional activity:

  • research;
  • pedagogical;

Content of professional activity:

  • scientific-research activity and scientific-practical activity:
    • choosing the necessary methods of scientific research, mastering and developing new methods, theories and models;
    • theoretical and experimental study of astronomical and cosmophysical phenomena and processes;
    • processing of the results of scientific research at the modern level and their analysis;
    • application of research results to solving practical problems;
    • design and manufacture of devices, instruments and equipment;
    • writing and publishing of scientific articles, preparation of scientific reports and reports to scientific conferences;
  • pedagogical:
    • conducting training sessions in physics and astronomy in secondary and higher educational institutions;
    • development of new methods and technologies for teaching physics and astronomy, educational and methodological documentation. 

Learning outcomes 6М060400 Physics