6B07104 Instrument Engineering

Faculty of engineering and digital technologyDepartment of energetics and radioelectronics

Academic degree of Bachelor of Technics and Technology in specialty 6B07104 "Instrument Engineering".

Objects professional work: state and private enterprises and organizations in mechanical engineering, metallurgy, transport, telecommunications, science and education, medicine, agriculture, economics and business are objects.

Professional practice:

  • service and maintenance of technical means of automation and information, development and implementation of optimal technology of their manufacture, their metrological calibration, standardization and certification;
  • development, design, simulation and implementation of automation projects, information of production processes, taking into account energy, technological, operational, ergonomic and economic indicators;
  • conduct of analytical and experimental work and studies for the diagnosis and assessment of components and processes.

Content of professional work includes a set of tools, techniques and methods of calculation and design, production, technical, experimental and research activities aimed at the production of competitive products based on the instrument using modern design techniques.