Military training department

In the military department the university students is taught on the program of reserve officers’ training on 3 military occupational specialties:

  • “The combat use of units, sub-units and  formation of mechanized infantry on IFV” (MOS-021001);
  • “The organization of educational, social and legal work in the mechanized infantries” (MOS-800100);
  • “Psychology” (MOS-390200).

Annual enrollment is restricted: the state order accounts for 90 people. Full-time students who found fit for health condition and are citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and successfully completed the first cours at our university, have a professional selection for enrollment.

The training at the military department is carried out by the method “military day” (once a week during 2 years) and ends with a training period one year before   the graduation. During the training period students enhance their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the military training, take the Oath on loyalty to their Motherland – The Republic of Kazakhstan and take a state exam.

After the graduation from North Kazakhstan State University named after Manash Kozybaev all alumnus of the military department are given the first rank “lieutenant” of reserve.