Folk-ethnographical ensemble “Sherter”

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The folklore and ethnographic ensemble “Sherter” was organized in 1999. The first musical director of the ensemble was senior teacher Mukhatayeva Zh. A., who defined the direction of the collective’s performing activity: promoting of the Kazakh folk and professional music, revival of ancient Kazakh national instruments sounding. In 2004 the direction of the ensemble was transferred to Zh. Kabdulbariyev, who introduced ancient Kazakh musical instruments in the ensemble: sazsyrnai, adyrna, sybyzgy, sakpan, kyl kobyz, shankobyz, dabyl, dauylpaz, asatayak, tuyaktas. With the introduction of the instrument zhetygen a new color of sounding appeared in the ensemble that gave softness and melodiousness of sounding. New plays were selected for solo performance on this instrument.

The repertoire of the creative collective contains kuis of great musicians - Kurmangazy, Dauletkerey, Dyna, Sugur, and also songs known and loved by people, the processing of which is done by Zh. Mukhatayev and Zh. Kabdulbariyev for the ensemble. In 2010 the ensemble was directed by A. Kereeva, the graduate of the musical and pedagogical faculty.  In 2011 Zh. Kabdulbariyev returned to the position of the ensemble’s director.

Students of all courses and of different nationalities participate in ensemble; they are trained in the specialty “Music education” and acquire professional skills in playing the Kazakh national instruments. Every year the repertoire of the ensemble is updated and extended; there are plays on the motives of the Ukrainian, Russian folk-songs, works of composers from the near and far abroad.

The ensemble “Sherter"” performed at The Youth Forum, concert grounds of the university and of the town; it participated in regional and town contests and festivals. It is the winner of the regional festival of the Kazakh culture “Atamur” in 2008.