Museum of history of Manash Kozybayev NKSU

A monument "Manor Svetlinsky merchant", which is an architectural heritage of the city, was transferred to the balance of university on the basis of a standard deviation Akimat number 275 of 29.11.2007 year. In 2010, at the site were made repairs and restoration work. Opening of the Museum of history of the University on March 19, 2011 was a part of a series of events dedicated to the 20th of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The museum expositions are situated harmoniously in the halls of the two floors. In a demonstration and guest room has high school awards, videos and photographs that reflect the high prestige of the university in Kazakhstan and abroad. In the hall dedicated to the life, creative and scientific way of academic Manash Kozybayev, scholarly works on display, photo and video materials, personal belongings of a prominent historian, whose name is based on the University of Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on May 30, 2003. October 23 of that year, a monument was unveiled M.K.Kozybayeva.

In the halls of Archeology and Ethnography of the research materials are demonstrated archaeological expeditions.
Archaeological exhibition department of the museum introduces the history of North-razahstanskoy archaeological expedition, research materials from the Paleolithic through Early Iron Age. Special attention in the exhibition part of the materials of unique archaeological sites: Chalcolithic settlements Botha and early Iron Age burial Bayqara. The submissions illustrate the proposed North Kazakhstan archaeologists (Doctor of History, Professor V.F.Zaybert, Ph.D., associate professor A.A.Pleshakov) the concept of "steppe civilization."

A generalization of our results of years of research by scientists was a reason to conclude that it is in northern Kazakhstan at the end of the Stone Age are added all the conditions for its formation.
In the ethnological exhibition are presented materials ethnological and ethnographic expedition of the North Kazakhstan State University. During the short history of the expedition was done a lot of work on search, classification, processing of found materials. The most interesting of which have taken their place in the exhibition hall.
An integral part of the hall of Archaeology and Ethnology Museum NKSU are materials on the history and the creation and development of the Institute for Protection of Monuments of History and Archaeology.

Hall of stories of high school was opened in 1977. The museum exhibition presents the history of the university since 1937, when the decision of People's Commissars of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic was established Petropavlovsk Pedagogical Institute. The historic section of the museum contains documents, photographs, albums, which shows the stages of development and formation of the material base of the university, the growth of the teaching staff, presented the best graduates and teachers who have achieved outstanding results in the scientific, educational, social, sporting activities, building of the university rectors from the date of its foundation.

Museum was attended by prominent statesmen and public figures of Kazakhstan, the former chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR Bayken Ashimov, sculptor Shota Valikhanov, Kakimbek Salykov poet, laureate of the State Prize. M.Auezov a national writer Doszhan Dukenbaev, Medeo Sarsekeev writer, academician Rymgali Nurgaliyev, visitors from Russia and Poland, etc.

Интеграция науки, культуры и образования в деятельности музея истории СКГУ им. М. Козыбаева

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On weekdays from 9 am to 17.30, lunch from 13.00 to 14.00
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