International Accreditation of Educational Programs

Accreditation of educational programs in foreign agencies is one of the most important strategic goals of the university.

To solve this problem in May 2011, the Rector of the University approved Strategy for the specialized accreditation of educational programs. According to this strategy, an analysis of the international accreditation agencies and their criteria, analysis and comparative characteristics of the current educational programs of the university were carried out.

In 2012 the University applied to German accreditation agency ASIIN for a cluster accreditation of three educational programs:


In order to prepare for accreditation, working groups were made up to develop accredited programs; they consist of representatives of the working environment. Modularization of programs was held, modular and staff handbooks were developed. The chair of Energy and Instrument Engineering entered into a number of new contracts with companies, research work on MES grants is intensified. To enhance the international component, the elements of learning activities, which will be carried out in English, were defined .English courses were organized for teachers of Energy and Instrument Engineering chair, a chair of radio engineering and electronics and information systems.

Experts of the accreditation agency ASIIN visited the University from April 16 to 18, 2013.

В октябре 2014г. данные образовательные программы получили аккредитацию в немецком аккредитационном агентстве ASIIN сроком на 5 лет (до сентября 2019 года), с присвоением им знака качества EUR-ACE®.

In 2013 the University applied to German accreditation agency ASIIN for a cluster accreditation of five educational programs:

ASIIN Expert Comission is planning to visit the university in November, 2014.