Consumer monitoring system

One of the most important indicators of overall performance of modern higher education institution, the indicator of productivity of changes and the transformations which are occurring in it, level of satisfaction of consumers is. For the purpose of carrying out an assessment of made decisions and implementation of continuous improvement of quality of educational services since 2004 in higher education institution the system of consumer monitoring works.

For an assessment of quality of services, and also conditions and resources of rendering educational services the service of quality management of university carries out the following types of polls:

  • annual poll of graduates about quality of educational services;
  • questioning of employers about quality of training of graduates (times in two years);
  • annual questioning of students about quality of teaching of disciplines;
  • annual questioning of PTS concerning the organization of educational process;
  • questioning of students in the additional directions (for example, concerning student's self-government, adaptations to training in higher education institution, etc.).

In the course of consumer monitoring the sociological methods providing reliable measurement of expected quality and existing satisfaction are applied: analysis of documents, interview to participants of educational process, mass and expert polls, questioning.

Results of questioning are considered at meetings of chairs, councils of faculties, where decisions on correcting actions are madeю