Policy and aims in the field of quality

of the North Kazakhstan State University named after M. Kozybayev

The policy in the field of quality is determinated by strategic task of Kazakhstan universities, denoted in the Dispach of Kazakhstan President, Nursultan Nazarbayev on February 18, 2005-to give education on the world's standard level.

Our aim are a forming a favorable educational, scientific and academic environment at the university, contributed to a transfer on a new quality level of  giving the educational license services by training specialists with a high education and degrees, a carrying out the researches, retraining and advanced studies.

Principles of activity:

  • a leadership of administration in a maintenance the unity of Policy and aims in the field of quality, in a creation  internal environment for involving all employees to achieve established aims
  • maintenance the activity in the field of quality on the plane's basis with a compulsory monitoring and analysis of the effectiveness of planes and taken decisions
  • taking the main administrative decisions on the basis all-round data and information analysis
  • using the modern educational and information technologies

Direction of activity:

  • systematical rate of consumers' satisfaction with a goal an improvement qualitative characteristics of educational services
  • maintenance  the necessary resources for creation conditions of successful realization of  the Policy
  • constant coordination with the establishments of secondary education, oriented to a change qualitative level of graduates training
  • increasing the education quality by the means a conjunction fundamental researches with informational, material, pedagogical and social technologies.
  • carrying out fundamental applied researches, directed to rising intellectual potential of university's staff and students
  • development the united information environment, maintaining the unity of educational state derritory and creating conditions for integration to world's educational territory  on the basis the modern information and communicative technologies
  • effective using the university's staff potential, a creation conditions for constant process of professional skill improvement and rise the responsibility of staff for the work's quality
  • a quest, a working up, analysis and introduction the new methods of effective using of material, working and information resources of educational process
  • constant improvement the opportunities for the graduates job-placement on the basis of all-round analysis of state's requirements and the organizations of all form property to graduate's knowledge
  • creation social and pedagogical environment for forming a civility and patriotism of the students, their inner, moral education in the interests of personality, society, state.

University Aims in the field of quality for 2016-2017 Academic Year [/local]