Accreditation is the process by which the accreditation organ assesses the quality of the institute of higher education as a whole as individual educational programs of the institute of higher education for recognition of their conformity to certain standards and criteria. The standards and criteria are determined independently by each accrediting organ. The forms of accreditation are:

Institutional accreditation - the process of accreditation of educational organizations as a whole.

Specialized accreditation - the accreditation of vocational training programs.

National accreditation - the accreditation of organization of education or programs within the country.

International accreditation - the accreditation of educational organizations or individual vocational training programs in foreign accreditation agency.

According to the Education Law of Kazakhstan (Article 9-1), accreditation is voluntary. The institute of higher education chooses the accreditation organ, entered in the register MES, and pays the accreditation procedure at their own expense.

Educational organizations that have passed specialized accreditation may issue certificates of education to citizens own sample of accredited programs.

Institutions that have passed the institutional and specialized accreditation relieve from state certification procedures for accredited programs for a period of accreditation.

At this moment there are 10 agencies in the register of the MES:

In Kazakhstan accreditation is recognized, which is obtained at these agencies since the formation of the registry on May 31, 2012.

In May, 2014 the university has got the institutional accreditation for 5 years by the decision of Accreditation council of the Independent agency for accreditation and rating.  

Also, 20 Bachelor's degree programs and 13 Master's degree programs were accredited for 5 years: 

  • 5В010900 Mathematics
  • 5В011000 Physics
  • 5В061100 Physics and astronomy
  • 5В060200 Informatics
  • 5В011700 kazakh language and literature
  • 5В011900 Foreign language: two foreign languages
  • 5В011800 Russian language and literature
  • 5В080100 Agronomy
  • 5В080700 Wood resources and forestry
  • 5В011300 Biology
  • 5В060700 Biology
  • 5В060800 Ecology
  • 5В060900 Geography
  • 5В011600 Geography
  • 5В011200 Chemistry
  • 5В071200 Mechanical engineering
  • 5В073200 Standardization, certification and metrology
  • 5В010300 Pedagogics and psychology
  • 5В012300 Social pedagogics and self-knowledge
  • 5В011400 History
  • 6M060400 Physics
  • 6M061100 Astronomy
  • 6M020500 Philology
  • 6M011900 Foreign language: two foreign languages
  • 6M011800 Russian language and literature
  • 6M060700 Biology
  • 6M060800 Ecology
  • 6M060900 Geography
  • 6M071200 Mechanical engineering
  • 6M073200 Standardization and certification
  • 6M071600 Instrument making
  • 6M010300 Pedagogics and psychology
  • 6М020300 History

In June, 2015 the IAAR accredited 16 Bachelor's degree programs and 3 Master's degree programs for 5 years.

  • 5В010100 Preschool teaching and education
  • 5В010200 Pedagogy and methods of primary education
  • 5В010400 Primary military training
  • 5В010500 Defectology
  • 5В010600 Musical education
  • 5В010800 Physical culture and sport
  • 5В020700 Translation studies
  • 5В030100 Jurisprudence
  • 5В042100 Design
  • 5В050400 Journalism
  • 5В050600 Economics
  • 5В050800 Accounting and audit
  • 5В050900 Finance
  • 5В071300 Transport, transport technique and technology
  • 5В072900 Building
  • 5В090200 Tourism
  • 6M030100 Jurisprudence
  • 6M050600 Economics
  • 6M070100 Biotechnology

Today, one of the most important strategic tasks of the university is the accreditation of educational programs in foreign agencies.

Three educational programs of the university 5B071800 Electrical power engineering, 6M071800 Electrical power engineering, 5B071600 Instrument engineering were accredited for 5 years (till September, 2019) with the label EUR-ACE® in ASIIN.