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Contest regulations


Contest regulations

Pearl of university

Beauty contest holds among female students annually since 1997. The main criterion for the selection of contestants is not so much the external beauty as harmoniously developed personality of girls, having a "taste", a subtle sense of style and their intellectual and moral qualities.

Traditionally, the contest is held in the spring semester, you can get information about the beginning of an admission on the home page under "Advertisements".

The contest is preceded by a series of rehearsals with director and choreographer, which help unleash the potential of the participants.

The Jury is formed mainly of representatives of the banking sector. They make a difficult choice in awarding the following nominations: Pearl of University, Miss Cover Girl, Miss Aynalayіn,  Miss  Beauty, Miss Charm, Miss Grace, Miss Audience Sympathy. Depending on the composition of the jury may be awarded several additional nominations.

The winners receive prizes.


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  • Jigit sultani

    Since 2012, a contest for young men is held at the university. Young people wishing to participate in the contest must possess high intelligence, practical acumen, leadership instincts.

    The contest is usually held in February.

    The jury - actors and directors of the city theatres.


    Tan sholpan

    Since 2010, on the initiative of the chair of the department "Musical disciplines" Kolesnikova G.A., with the support of Vice-Rector responsible for EW, PhD doctor Taizhanova M.M. and the head of students' Club Gumarova Z.M. a regional contest of vocal performance "Tan Sholpan"  is held at the North Kazakhstan State University named after Manash Kozybayev annually. The contest participants - students from all faculties of NKSU, college students, senior pupils of city and regional schools.

    The aim: promotion of vocal performance art, identifying talented youth, career guidance for entering the department of "Musical disciplines". The contest is held in February in two age groups: younger (15-19 years) and older (over 20 years).

    The jury consists of winners of international and national competitions (Kurmankina D.S., Bells N.K.), director of OCST Mukanov J.T., Deputy Directors of OCST (Shalduga L.G., Zagravskaya N.N.), senior teachers of the department of "Musical disciplines", winners of national and regional competitions (Moreeva T.K., Zaitseva N.V.) , the chairman of the jury - Candidate of pedegogical sciences, associate professor, corresponding member of the IASP, head of the department of "Musical disciplines" Kolesnikov G.A.

    The winners will receive the title of prize-winners and prizes. At the discretion of the jury special prizes and nominations are awarded: Sahnalyқ sүykіmdіlіk, Stage charm, Young author, Creative personality, For a will to win, Prize of Audience Award.