Health unit

The staff’s health is one of the leading strategies of the highest administration of the NKSU. In 2004 the health unit was opened, which equipped with the modern equipments. The health unit is intended for providing the free medical care of students, workers and pensioners of the university.

The health unit carries out a medical work: the pre-doctor care, the emergency care, the primary diagnostics and out-patient treatment; organization and carrying out the annual medical examinations of students and workers; sanitary and educational work.

Offices of the health unit are equipped with the modern equipment: the ophthalmologic combine with an automatic projector of signs, a computer foroptor, a slit lamp, noncontact computer tonometer and autokeratorefraktometer, the ORL plant, an audiometer, the apparatus "Tonzillor", intermittent pneumatic compression, the apparatus "Electrocardiograph ", the ultrasound apparatus "Aloka-3500", an electrocoagulator.

 Specialists that work in the health unit are:

  • a physician
  • a gynecologist
  • an otolaryngologist
  • an ophthalmologist,
  • a U/S diagnostician
  • a functional diagnostician (ECG, echocardiogram)

There are physical therapy and treatment examination cabinets.


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