Student Complaint Procedure

The procedure for dealing with complaints of students is being realized according to schemes:

Curators/advisers → the Department → the Dean’s office (directorate) → the Deputy Dean on Educational Work → Rector

Curators/advisers transmit students’ complaints and offers to the Head of the Department, to the Dean of the Faculty (to the Director of the Institute), to the Deputy Dean on Educational Work. As a rule, complaints reported by adviser in oral or written form are resolved by the Head of the Department in a very short time. But if the solution of the complaint is out of the competence of the Head of the Department, it is also reported to the Dean of the Faculty in oral or written form. In most cases most conflicts are resolved by the Head of the Department or the dean of the Faculty.

In this case written applications from students and tutors are registered at the Department on social and education work and are considered by the Deputy Dean on the Education Work.

  • Student → Rector. This scheme is realized through the Rector’s post, blog  or visits on personal matters.

Such complaints as appeals on intermediate control and raiting control are regulated by NKSU Assessment of Knowledge.

Student’s complaint addressed to university’s administration can be transferred through Students’ombudsman or Students’ union committee. Students’ leaders of ombudsmen have been elected on each faculty. Functional duties of students’ ombudsman of university are acceptance and consideration of  students’ appeals, taking measures, including addresses and recommendations for renewal of violated rights and freedoms of students, solving conflict situations, monitoring following social rights and interests of students.