• National acrreditation

    46 Bachelor, 23 Master and 4 PhD study specialties have the national accreditation
  • Independent rating

    In the independent rating IAAR-2017 5B061100 Physics and Astronomy took 2nd place, 5B010100 Preschool teaching and education, 5В060900 Geography and 6М071600 Mechanical engineering took 3rd place.
  • Swimming pool

    Swimming Pool of the University complies with international standards, has ten 50-metre-long tracks. Pool serves as a base for holding international competitions and competitions within the Universiade of universities of the RK
  • Astrophysical research centre

    Astrophysical Observatory of NKSU named after M.Kozybayev is equipped with the second-largest in Kazakhstan telescope of Ritchey-Chrétien system
  • Medical service

    Private health unit provides free medical service for students, teachers, veterans and pensioners of the University. It's equipped with modern medical equipment. Reception is carried out by the leading medical specialists
  • International accreditation

    Degree programs "Electrical power engineering", "Radioengineering, electronics and telecommunications", "Information systems", "Instrument engineering" and "Computer science" have the international accreditation in german agency ASIIN
  • University's library

    The book fund is more than a million books, including contains a unique collection of rare and valuable books of the 18th century


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Абитуриент 2017

Bachelor's degree , СЕРПІН-2050

Master's degree , Doctorate

Telephone of Acceptance board:

8 (7152) 493037

Teaching staff

Синбаева Гульфайраз Кинжибулатовна
Ботяев Сергей Викторович
Кузьменко Юлия Викторовна
Хлыстун Виталий Григорьевич
Усеинов Бейбут Мейрамович
Рабинович Борис Владимирович
Иманов Амангельды Калкенович
Синицин Владимир Викторович
Галактионова Елена Владимировна
Павловская Надежда Григорьевна
Корягина Ольга Васильевна
Никишина Ольга Александровна
Тулаев Виктор Константинович
Дюсенбаева Бибигуль Амангельдиновна
Кангужина Касия Мурзахметовна
Баязитова Галия Акимбековна
Штро Ольга Геннадьевна